Instructions 3 – Headstock & Rear Shock

Next up is fitting the headstock and the rear shock.

Parts Used

1 * Headstock – ANM59503
1* Headstock spacer – ANM59518
2 * Headstock bearings – BRG004
1 * Rear shock – TX001
2 * Rear damper mount – PLS003



1) Press the headstock bearings in to the headstock.
2) Attach the headstock to the chassis, making sure you have the headstock spacer in the slot at the front of the headstock. For this you need two M3*10 low cap head screws at the rear of the headstock – mounting in the holes that are in the 7 o’clock position below the large hole for the single scratch bar mounts. For the front you need an M4*40 button head bolt (that passes through the headstock spacer inside the chassis), an M4 washer (10mm diameter) each side and then retain with an M4 lock nut.
3) The rear shock is fitted as per the photo.Mount the front end first – using an M3*40 cap head bolt with a washer under the head, then slide that through the right hand chassis plate and fit another M3 washer on the inside and then one of the black plastic rear damper mounts. The shock slides on next, followed by the other rear damper mount and then the bolt goes out through the left hand chassis plate. Final step is another M3 washer and then an M3 locknut to hold it all in place. The rear end of the shock mounts on the swingarm and is located with a M3*16 cap head bolt. Tip – it can all be a bit tight when fitting the second of the rear damper mounts, if you need more access then just remove the left hand scratch bar mount and refit it when you are done. Holding the damper mount with a pair of pliers can help as well.


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